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Teri Conrad: Ambassador Programs & The Influencer Marketing Conundrum

As an Ambassador both formally and informally with a number of different organizations/companies and individuals I have come to a few conclusions about the best way to harness Influencer Marketing. A couple of thoughts: For Inman the program works fairly well and there are a couple of reasons. 1. The Ambassadors are respected professionals within the […]

Chuck Kent: Will Influence Marketing Build or Break Trust?

  Trust continues to be a serious issue, and deficiency, for brands of all categories. The 2013 edition of the Edelman Trust Barometer notes that, while trust in business has risen slightly, it is still at a lowly 58%. Globally, trust in business leaders, the traditional top-down influencers, is much lower among the general population – just […]

Sarah Thompson: 5 Ways to Find a True Influencer

More and more, marketers are using social media to tap into influencers to bolster reach and sway their audience to see a product or brand differently. Yet, they spend very little time and energy into the pre-informing stage of evaluating influencers. According to a recent Technocrati study, Facebook likes ranked as the most important metric when evaluating […]

Zachary Reiss Davis: Penny Arcade’s Influence on Tech products vs. Forrester Research

Your perpetually-connected customers are seeking information from a much broader range of sources than ever before. If you just work with the same traditional influencers you have for years — industry analysts and mainstream media — your message risks getting lost in a sea of noise.  Instead, leading marketers are identifying key online influencers for their products […]

Eric Miltsch: 5 Steps to Implement Influencer Marketing in your (Auto) Dealership

Automotive professionals keep talking about how influential they are within the industry, yet it seems that nobody is talking about who the influential people are within their own markets and local areas. We’ve made some progress with the reduction of the self-promotional klout score touting, now is your opportunity to focus the attention on local influencers and harness the […]

Patricia O’Dell: How to Identify Influencers

Many in-house marketers and agency folks are not used to seeking out, developing and monitoring relationships with individuals that they hope to convert to steadfast, trustworthy and successful influencers with wide reach for their brands. With social media booming as an integral part of every marketing mix the rush to identify and groom these influencers […]

Macala Wright: Why Influencer Marketing is failing in Retail

For the past seven years, bloggers have become key elements in sparking critical conversations that can spread information in a rapid, “viral” fashion within the lifestyle, luxury, travel, and retail industries. However, the way in which we work with bloggers and influencers has gone terribly awry. The blurring of lines between earn and paid, lack […]

Russ Martin: SXSW – The Dangers of Influencer Marketing

While there are some willing to give influence ratings like Klout and Kred time to evolve, members of SXSW’s “The Secret Dangers of Online Influence Marketing” panel seriously challenged these online tools’ effectiveness. Some went as far as suggesting marketers drop their use altogether. “Klout and Kred don’t work. They never did and they never […]